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The purpose of your application is to provide us with some important details regarding your team and funding need.

Please take your time in completing your application. The content you provide us will help drive the discussion for our upcoming Interview.

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Before we get started with the full application, we need to ask a few questions about your relationship with Pacific Lutheran University.

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Accepting the terms below indicates that you are authorized to participate in a crowdfunding campaign at Pacific Lutheran University because you are a current student, staff member or faculty member of PLU.
Next, we've got a few quick questions about your experience in crowdfunding and your plans for your crowdfunding campaign.

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On average, campaigns typically raise around $500 per fundraiser. We recommend setting a goal that is based on your team's size and experience fundraising.
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What is the name of the advisor of {{answer_Vu6P0uPM1szG}}?

How many active members are there in {{answer_Vu6P0uPM1szG}} who will help you fundraise? *

There's no I in team, but there are two in fundraising. Larger, more active teams have an easier time reaching higher fundraising goals - so we hope you're ready to get your team involved!
Please provide the names and email addresses of those who will be involved in leading this crowdfunding campaign (5-8 people). *

Please separate each person by adding a new line and separating the name and email address with a comma, like this:

First Name, first.name@example.com
Last Name, last.name@example.com

If you don't know someone's email address, please include their name without an email address.
In the next section, we'd like to learn more about your funding need and how your team plans to use the funds after the campaign ends.

You'll eventually use this information to help build out your crowdfunding page, which will help communicate your unique fundraising narrative with potential donors!
In 1-2 paragraphs, please provide us with a short description of what your team is seeking to accomplish through crowdfunding. *

*For example, if you were a student organization that was seeking to raise funding for a service learning trip abroad, we would want to know where you are going, what you plan to do there, how much it will cost, who is going on the trip, if you had been there before, etc.
Please provide us with a short budget breakdown of your funding requests. *

For example:

Total funding need of: $4,500

1.) $500 for X
2.) $3,000 for Y
3.) $1,000 for Z

Your budget breakdown can be rough estimates if need be.
Do you have approval from your division / department / advisor to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

You must have this approval before your crowdfunding project can be accepted into the program.
Last, but not least, what is your relationship with PLU?